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Ravenheat Manufacturing is an independent boiler manufacturer founded in 1987 and based near Leeds. The company focuses on designing and creating products to the highest standard, using installer feedback to fuel its new additions to the market and featuring quality components, while keeping costs to a minimum. Ravenheat is also an expert when it comes to efficiency, from its first condensing boiler back in 1996 to its newest OpenTherm range of boilers, which allow for more precise control and can reduce energy use.

Ravenheat Manufacturing Ltd was formed in 1987 by local Leeds businessman, Louis Pickersgill and is a wholly owned British company which now has two further manufacturing subsidiaries – Ravenheat Italia S.r.l and Ravenheat International S.r.l., operating from different sites in Verona, Italy and both factories are ISO9001.

Since its conception, Ravenheat has been at the forefront of design and production of highly efficient domestic general central heating boilers and are today one of the most influential gas boiler manufacturers in Europe and in particular the U.K.

In 1996/97 Ravenheat embarked on a development program to introduce condensing boilers to the mainstream boiler market, with products such as the CSI 85 Combi System and Primary boiler range. These boilers were fundamental in bringing a turn around to regulatory government policy and that of customer enhanced perception of condensing boilers.

Ravenheat have always taken seriously efficiency issues and have throughout the life of the company produced highly efficient boilers which have led the industry in product design. For example, in 1999 Ravenheat’s products won the extremely prestigious ‘International Award of Excellence’ from the ‘Institute of Domestic Heating and Environmental Engineers’ (IDHEE). This award for innovation was for an energy saving design that substantially reduces fuel costs and thereby global warming.

In 2000, Ravenheat designed and piloted a ‘portable boiler system’ for the UK Government. This system was then adopted as an industry standard by the relevant Government department in their efforts to ensure households are kept warm in the UK. The result of this was that Ravenheat was awarded a 5 year contract to distribute its products nationally for this programme and has been successfully supplying boilers directly to the Government schemes for 5 years which amounts to tens of thousands of boilers per annum.

In 2000, the system boiler was awarded the domestic H & V News Awards Product of the Year. In the words of the judges “it takes condensing boiler technology to a much higher level”.

In 2004, Ravenheat have also won awards for their highly efficient factory – Ravenheat Italia in Verona, proving further their ability to produce highly competitive products whilst at the same time retaining quality and durability of all their products.

Over the many years Ravenheat have been in business, the company has grown substantially year on year, with a capacity presently of 80,000 units per annum. This has enabled it to successfully expand business throughout Europe and now it seeks to establish further long-term business through its worldwide partners.

In 2008, Ravenheat received a top industry award from the Society of British Gas Institute (SBGI) presented by the then Minister of State for Energy, Malcolm Wicks, in front of an eminent industry audience of 780 people. The award citation particularly commended the innovative thinking of the Ravenheat team in a ground breaking new heat recovery and recycle system that actively captured heat that could be wasted with exhaust gases of a domestic condensing boiler, [commenting] “We, at Ravenheat, are delighted with the recognition of our company’s latest product. We, at Ravenheat, know this is something special and ground breaking energy saving technology. It is gratifying to know that our colleagues and peers in the industry agree. Recognition of ecological, as well as financial necessity for energy consumption is important to us all”.

Our in-house Technical Team have extensive knowledge of all our products and are available to work with installer teams to help you resolve any issues in installation terms that will ensure the correct boiler is chosen for each customer’s diverse requirements.

Ravenheat has a long successful history of supplying quality products and service to Councils and Registered Social Landlords and is confident that it can meet all their customer product and service requirements.

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HE30S Compact


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