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Viva are one of the market leaders for toilet spares including toilet fill valves, flush valves, syphons and plastic concealed cisterns. We also have a range of high quality pan connectors, waste traps, sink wastes and bath wastes. Whether it's a toilet repair or fresh installation, our water saving plumbing products are sure to be just right for you.

Viva was formed in 2008, driven by two plumbers with a desire to solve everyday problems in the sanitary fittings market. Our company came into fruition at a time of economic uncertainty. Committed to success, we knew that a fresh approach was the only way forward. We have embraced innovative ways of thinking, conceptualised and produced new products, and created a brand which stays true to its core values: Be Different Out with the old in with the new! We have never shied away from doing things differently, whether that means bringing new products to the market, like our dual entry fill valve, or simply in our work ethic. We truly are a unique company, and that is reflected in our interactions with customers and colleagues alike. Be Involved From creating new and exciting products, to answering queries about installation, we pride ourselves on our involvement in every aspect of what goes on at Viva. We may have our fingers in a lot of pies, but that ensures that the products we produce and the service we provide is top notch, customer oriented and always with a commitment to excellence. Be Loyal When we built up our team, we built up a strong network of talented individuals who, together, were able to shape Viva into what it is today. We are fiercely loyal to each other and truly believe in the strength of not only our internal bond but also the connection with our customers.

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Skylo Dual Entry 4 in 1 Fill Valve
A revolutionary dual entry toilet fill valve that can easily switch between a bottom or side entry valve. No need to worry about those tight spaces either as the float can rotate 180 degrees. It's also kitted out with a delayed fill, lowering water bills and keeping your cistern eco-friendly.