Conex Universal Ltd (IBP Group)

Conex Bänninger is a widely recognised brand of the IBP Group, specialising in providing quality plumbing fittings across the globe in the domestic, commercial, industrial, HVAC and shipbuilding markets. Our passionate and innovative approach to the design and manufacture of plumbing fittings for use with various applications make us world leaders. At Conex Bänninger we pride ourselves on innovation. We have products like >B< MaxiPro, >B< Press, Copper Push-Fit, >B< Push and Conex Push-Fit, which offer frame free installation solutions. These are quick and easy to install, saving on costs and offer a secure, long-life, leak proof joint.

As part of the IBP Group we have huge intenational resources including world class European manufacturing facilities, extensive research and development, and the expertise of thousands of employees globally. As well as in the US, Conex Bänninger plumbing fittings are distributed in many other countries outside of Europe.

We Strive for Excellence in all we do to build strong and close relationships with our customers by providing the best technical, sales and customer support.


B< MaxiPro, >B< Press, >B< Press Gas, >B< Press Solar, >B< Press Carbon, >B< Press Inox, Cuprofit Push-Fit, Compression, >B< Oyster, K65, >B< ACR, Delcop EndFeed, Delbraze, Medical Gas, Triflow Solder Ring, Series 3000 and Series 8000

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>B< Press
The quick & easy to use fitting with a permanent 3-point press joint.