Founded in 1882 KNIPEX is one of the world’s leading brands of pliers. Based in Wuppertal, Germany, KNIPEX is an independently owned family enterprise specialising in the manufacture of high quality pliers. The performance, service life and ergonomics of KNIPEX tools are guided by the need to meet the high expectations of professional users.

KNIPEX is known worldwide as a manufacturer of pliers for professional users. As an independent family-owned business with headquarters based in Wuppertal, Germany, the company has held on to its own great tradition for four generations. The successful path of the company started over 130 years ago and KNIPEX has reached and maintained a position as a worldwide leading manufacturer in the field of pliers.

To ensure that KNIPEX’s high quality standards can be maintained, the complete production, from forging to packaging, is solely based in Wuppertal. KNIPEX is not only a brand concentrating on one single product group, but has an ingrained philosophy of quality, performance and constant improvement.

With a product range of over 1,000 different pliers KNIPEX offers high quality, reliable and long lasting hand tools for professional users in all sectors. KNIPEX’s aim is to provide the right tools for every application. With the professional users in mind KNIPEX seek to find innovative solutions that enable the users to get their work done easier, faster, and very importantly, safer. Continuous feedback from professionals and great efforts in research and development have lead KNIPEX to achieve and maintain this excellence in quality throughout the whole product range.

The course for the future of KNIPEX is leading in a clear direction: expanding market presence with problem-solving and innovative pliers. KNIPEX strive to have the greatest ideas for better pliers and to continuously work on new products and product benefits to offer users tangible added value.

The fundamental principle has stayed in place: remain faithful to a product group, concentrate all strengths on it and be “simply the best” in pliers. Don‘t get side-tracked; instead create greater performance and quality in a single segment. This is what KNIPEX stands for as today‘s leading brand in pliers.

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  • New Products 2018 (5.69 MiB)

    For 135 years and over four generations, KNIPEX have been working passionately to be the best manufacturer of pliers – with a clear focus, high standards and a steady flow of new ideas. In this way KNIPEX achieve the quality that distinguishes them, and repeatedly develop novel solutions that set benchmarks: better transmission of force, lighter and faster usability, the combining of different functions in one tools, and imaginative problem solvers for specific applications. As a result, those using KNIPEX tools save energy and time, and produce better work results with less physical effort. In addition to major innovations, KNIPEX continuously improve their models with respect to function, ergonomics and service life. Here are the latest new products from KNIPEX for 2018.