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TracPipe® stainless steel semi-rigid gas piping system is used on commercial and residential projects for LPG or natural gas from the meter to the appliance. TracPipe® is BSi Kitemarked and approved to BS7838 and EN15266, and is supplied in long lengths, which can be bent by hand (so no elbows are required, and the number of joints is greatly reduced). The AutoFlare® end fittings are simply attached without any special tools or hot work. TracPipe® is much faster and easier to install than copper or steel, reducing the total cost of the installation.

TracPipe®, a stainless steel semi-rigid gas piping system Kitemarked to the National Standard BS 7838 and European Standard EN 15266, has been manufactured in Banbury, Oxfordshire, since 2007. Having Kitemark licence to BS 7838, TracPipe® can be directly buried in the ground or screed and used externally above ground without the need for additional mechanical and corrosion protection. TracPipe® also has a 2 hour fire rating when installed in continuous lengths (no joints) and can be routed within fire protected shafts, corridors and lobbies.

TracPipe® typically saves up to 75% of the time normally required for a rigid steel or copper pipe installation – ideal for installers looking for a competitive advantage by reducing labour time in a challenging marketplace. It has become recognised as the perfect alternative to rigid pipework installed between the meter and a fixed appliance. It is easy to cut and bend by hand, and requires no soldering, welding or special tools.

TracPipe® is supplied in long lengths in sizes from DN12 to DN50, on easy to handle reels and as TracPipe KITS in sizes DN15, DN22, DN28 and DN32 in 5, 10 and 15 metre lengths. OmegaFlex Ltd also offer free of charge training and technical support for all Installers of TracPipe®.

TracPipe® is available at a plumbers merchant near you. Call 01295 676670 to find your nearest stockist.

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