NEW PACK SIZE & AN IMPROVED FORMULATION By comparison with traditional sealing methods the LOCTITE® family of pipe thread sealants from Henkel provide many advantages. These single component products are clean and easy to apply and do not creep, shrink or contaminate systems. They can be used on pipe fittings up to 3” with liquids, and up to 4” with the LOCTITE® 55 Pipe Sealing Cord. The products create a full pressure seal that resists vibration and shock loads and protects the mated threaded areas against corrosion in the process. Henkel’s stand at PHEX will feature three of its core pipe repair products, one of which is LOCTITE® 55 Pipe Sealing Cord. It is now available in a re-designed pack, with built-in cutting device, containing 160m of the product. This single reel will seal up to 405 joints with a half-inch thread size and 190 joints with a one-inch thread. Suitable for all metal and plastic pipes and fittings – both for water and gas – this product carries all major agency approvals. In common with many products, LOCTITE® 577, Henkel’s medium-strength, anaerobic, general purpose thread sealant has been the subject of continuous development. Its latest formulation, to be demonstrated at PHEX, introduces several improvements including higher strength on contaminated surfaces, ability to withstand higher temperatures and high performance on passive metals without the need for an activator. For information on the entire range of LOCTITE® thread sealants go to www.loctite.co.uk

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  • See Henkel LOCTITE at PHEX Manchester on stand no: 14 (90.12 KiB)

    PHEX exhibition preview information for Henkel LOCTITE

  • Henkel LOCTITE 55 (202.69 KiB)

    By comparison with traditional tapes or hemp and paste combinations, Henkel’s LOCTITE® 55, takes half the time to create a secure seal on threaded pipes.

  • Henkel LOCTITE 577 (142.31 KiB)

    Consistent with its commitment to continuous product improvement, Henkel has just confirmed that one its most popular thread sealants, LOCTITE® 577, can now be applied to even more applications thanks to its reformulation.

  • Henkel LOCTITE 5075 (201.14 KiB)

    The material quality of the LOCTITE® 5075 insulating and sealing wrap allows it to stretch up to 300%, effectively sealing and protecting the damaged area against gas or fluid leakage and corrosion.