Pegler Yorkshire

Pegler Yorkshire has earned a worldwide reputation for superb quality brassware products, and its unique Connect and Control principles – featuring integrated system solutions – are setting new standards within the industry for connecting and controlling flow for heating and plumbing installations.

Contact Details

Phill Jackson +44 0844 243 4400

Product Launch

We will be demonstrating our new and improved Pegler Terrier TRV that we have launched in May 2017



Tectite Pushfit Training Module

Tectite is a world class push fit system incorporating pipe fittings, valves and controls delivering cost savings as a result of its speed of installation and a combination of push fit jointed technology across a range of materials - copper and PEX. The ultimate performer.

XPress Training Module

XPress is a leading press-fit system, offering a comprehensive and flexible range for all modern building services, providing easy, fast, cost effective and reliable joints.

Kuterlite Compression Training Module

The Kuterlite range of compression fittings comprises are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications across the domestic and commercial sectors.

Performa Training Module

Performa is a technical tap solution providing functionality with additional features, with lifetime reliability across an extensive range of products.

Endex Endfeed Training Module 1

Endex is a very cost effective system, with fittings available up to the largest super size requirement (159mm) within the Endbrazed range.