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JG Speedfit

JG Speedfit, UK’s most trusted plumbing & heating push-fit manufacturer, will showcase the manufacturing excellence and precision engineering behind Speedfit Technology that goes into every push-fit fitting, pipe, and underfloor heating solution offered by the company. The company will also display their extended range of second-fix push-fit connectors such as service valves, tap connectors and stop taps that allow installers to fit appliances and fixtures in no time. By using Speedfit Technology plumbing and heating engineers can save up to 40% of the time spent on installations using traditional methods. Start your Speedfit journey today! The push-fit fittings invented by the British manufacturer are used in industries such as Plumbing & Heating, Compressed Air & Pneumatics, Automotive, Beverage Dispense, and Telecommunications. Renowned brands such as Ferrari, BT & Heineken trust Speedfit Technology to deliver high-performance products to their customers. Push-fit Plumbing Solutions: The JG Speedfit plumbing range offers a wide variety of push-fit solutions that make installations quick, easy and reliable. For decades, leading plumbers and installers have trusted Speedfit Technology to create leak proof pipe connections in tight spaces. The ease of installing reliable pipework with push-fit fittings lie in the fact that all our products are engineered to go through rigorous testing, eventually passing the peace of mind to the plumbers. Speedfit fittings are often considered to be an essential item in a plumber’s toolbox primarily because of their compatibility with plastic as well as copper pipe. The twist and lock feature gives a leak-proof seal, and all fittings can be installed & demounted within seconds, without the need of additional tools. Speedfit Underfloor Heating Solutions: JG Speedfit’s simple and affordable underfloor heating solutions help create luxurious heat without having to compromise on interior design. With a variety of underfloor heating installation options to offer Speedfit always has an ideal solution for your project, be it retrofit or new build. All-round heating controls All underfloor heating solutions offered by the company can be controlled with JG Aura smart controls that allow occupants to manage domestic heating from anywhere, at anytime using the JG Aura app on smartphones or tablets. As well as controlling underfloor heating, JG Aura TRVs can be combined with existing or new radiators, creating a single solution capable of controlling different temperature times and settings throughout the property.

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Speedfit Technology: The science behind our fittings

Speedfit Technology: The science behind our fittings

Speedfit Technology: How we make the most reliable and robust products

Speedfit Technology: How we make the most reliable and robust products

Speedfit Technology Open & Shut Case – installer journey from copper to plastic

Speedfit Technology Open & Shut Case – installer's journey from copper to plastic

Twist & Lock SuperSeal

Make a Speedfit Twist & Lock SuperSeal connection that lasts a lifetime