Great performance. Easy handling. Reliable technology combined with the greatest ease of use: These are the key drivers for the development and manufacturing of leading products in the areas of time switching, light and temperature control as well as energy and hour meters. At Grässlin, we are focused on the professional needs of heating engineers. Our highest priority is the development of solutions which make their work easier and more efficient. This is why we do not indulge in oversized concepts and technical gimmicks, but rather offer technologically sophisticated products that are easy to install, reliable and able to realize modern functionalities in building automation to our customers - following our Motto “Great performance. Easy handling.“ To deliver on these promises in the future, we work today on the technological challenges of tomorrow and sustainably drive innovation and the quality of the Grässlin brand. Based on our achievements to date, we have set ambitious goals that ensure our position as a driving force in the industry and as the first choice for ambitious heating engineers in the future.

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Product Launch

The thermio™ eco programme includes selected affordable products for heating timed control that enable customers to control the temperature in a simple time affective way to their individual requirements. The contact thermostats, frost thermostats and room thermostats of the thermio™ essential product range are characterised by their offer to customers of heating control that offers everything that customers require to operate their heating or hot water systems both safely and reliably. The programmable room stats for the thermio™ comfort product range guarantee outstanding comfort and performance when controlling the room temperature whether being commercial or residential installation use. The Grässlin range of accessories (Motorised valves, wiring centres, water treatment) offer all requirements for both ease of installation and operational control for customers’ needs to operate heating and hot water systems both safely and reliably. http://www.graesslin.co.uk



  • GRÄSSLIN thermio™ - The new HVAC portfolio for control of time & temperature (2.28 MiB)

    GRÄSSLIN thermioTM The perfect product if you want … ... MORE VARIETY Grässlin thermio™ stands for a wide product range. For this reason you will find in our portfolio timers, all kinds of thermostats and of course the matching accessories. In short: Everything you require for needbased control of heating times and temperatures in residential, office, commercial and industrial buildings. ... MORE RELIABILITY Grässlin thermio™ stands for a long service life. For this reason, all our thermio™ products are subject to the strictest quality guidelines. They meet all applicable standards and specifications and are suitable for use in both renovation projects and new builds. ... MORE EASE OF USE Grässlin thermio™ stands for maximum customer focus. For this reason thermio™ products are easy to install, retrofit and align as needed. They impress with high functionality, intelligent features and ease of use.


Talento Smart Overview

Be Smart Anytime with the new Grasslin by Intermatic Talento Smart Time Switch talento smart feature a range of innovations, opening up new building automation programming functionality and providing electricians with everything they need for quick and easy programming, time-saving installation and seamless configuration. Electricians will find the talento smart straightforward and easy to use.

Talento Smart Grässlin GmbH Corporate

Thanks to numerous product innovations in the fields of time switch technology, light and temperature control, the family business founded in 1956 has grown into an international successful specialist in precision and electrical engineering. Today, Grässlin GmbH remains committed to pursuing new, innovative technologies and the highest quality standards.